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Heather Small,

Owner of Metta Wellness & Herbals

Licensed Massage Theripist Ayurvedic body-worker

Thia Yoga Massage


Guided Meditation

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        Heather Small, Owner of Metta Wellness

    I  have spent the last 13 years working as a massage therapist and Ayurvedic Body-worker.I  have continued over time with my training in different types of massage and energy work to combine them into a style of my own. Weaving together Thai yoga stretching, a gentle flow of meditative movements,with deeper compressions along with energy work. My work is slow and intentional, I will slow done the pace of my work and go into an area( back, thigh,hip etc) with a concentration. This style of work allows me to be flexible with my clients as I strive to find the tools that will  suit the goal of my clients, leave you feeling balanced in you your body, mind and spirit.

  In the  last few years I  finished my Advanced  Herbal Apprenticeship, this has allowed me to bring in a deeper healing . Last year I have started to do herbal consults and blending teas, oils, and salves for my clients.I also blend my oils for massage and Ayurveda using a time tested process of harvesting organic plants and working with traditional methods to extract the volatile healing properties of the herbs used. This allows me to create an oil base, then add herbs or essential oils on an individual bases.

  I am always continuing to learn and explore with different modalities,  while always falling back on the fundamentals of  Ayurveda, Reiki, and Swedish massage for a full body healing of mind body spirit connection.

 This summer I will open a second location in Paxton, Ma that will allow for massage, classes and herbal healing kitchen! Along with opening Paxton, we have launched Metta Herbals to the public, you will start to see blends of teas, oils, lotions and more.

Heather Small,

Metta Wellness in Shrewsbury

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Heather Small
Owner , LMT, Ayurveda tech, Herbalist

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 Metta Wellness is my dream, my space to share with you, meet you where you are and find what works for you, now.

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