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What is it, and how is it different?

Ayurveda has been one of the oldest approaches to natural health for the last 6,000 years in India. Ayurveda's ancient system is based on balance of mind, body and spirit, this is achieved by creating balance in the whole. Ayurveda is made up of many different practices, through diet, yoga, meditation, bodywork , herbs and many others to create an individual program for the whole system.

Over the years Ayurveda that has been restored through the Vedic knowledge, bringing you its purity and completeness according with the classic Vedic text.

Ayurveda body-work is a branch of Ayurveda, working with your body's natural constitution to create a treatment plan using  herbalized oils and body-work to bring the body back to it's natural harmony.

 Ayurveda  is about staying on a path of healing through harmony and balance. This path is maintained through daily routines of massage, heated oils, herbs ( internal and external), diet, yoga, and meditation.

* My training in Ayurveda started with Maharishi Ayurveda in 2006.Over the years, as I learn and grow, I still continue to go back to the teachings of Maharishi Ayurveda. I started my training in Ayurveda with body-work, then worked with the Ayurvedic specialist learning how to blend oils, create treatment plans and working with my clients one on one.Over time I learned and worked in many areas in Ayurveda, from body-work, to blending oils, working with herbs and teaching yoga.

Ayurveda is the balance between you and your natural world.

I offer Ayurveda massage, herbal consults and meditation in Shrewsbury, Ma. along with other techniques that I weave together to create the treatment that you need.

Opening a second location in Paxton, MA that will offer on-site herbal blending, meditation, small group yoga and depper Ayurvedic treatments.

Paxton is in the works and should open the end on August 2018.Open house date to be released in the next few days, email along with facebook event to find more info.


Heather Small trained in Maharishi Ayurveda in 2006