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​Guided Mediation With Heather Small          Wednesdays  6 - 7:00 pm                  

 August 7th /  August 28th

Join us for some gentle stretching( light seated stretching), breathing practice( pranayama) and settle into a guided meditation. This sequence helps wake the energy to create a balanced space between mind and body. This is a gentle approach to meditation, the perfect way to start or end your day.

Text me (508)615-0960 or reserve your space here

​Guided Chakra Mediation     With Autumn Laurel                                  

August 24th 9 -10am / Aug 14th 6:30 - 7:30pm

Join us to relax, de-stress, and open your chakras* through meditation.
 text or call (774) 242-8284 , or Reserve your spot here
*Chakras are energy points on the body, each with a particular characteristic and purpose.

Meditation                       $10 a class for the summer

Both meditations are ideal for beginners or getting back into practice.​ 

Wellness Nights

Shop our Affiliates: When you shop in our affiliate shops you help support what we do here at Metta Wellness and you can find the wellness gift that help you.

August 19th 6-7pm 

Each month we will meet one of the wellness practitioners here at Metta Wellness in Paxton. This gives you a space to learn how they are, how they came to this work and how it has helped them through wellness and balance.

Welcome Autumn Laurel as she shares her knowledge of the chakras and how she incorporates them into her healing practice.

Suggested donation $10 

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