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Herbal Wellness

  Herbal Wellness is a life balance through herbs.

  Starting with an herbal consult we can layout a plan through    teas,tinctures, ghee, spice blends and more. With my background in Ayurveda, herbs and massage, I have found many ways to add in a herbal program with little work.

  I work to wild harvest most of the herbs I use, and ones I can't are sourced through an organic business.


 Why choice herbs for balance:

 Herbs can be gentle on the system and easier for the body to  digest.

 Starting off with teas are an easy way to nourish the system all year.

 Herbs are best if taken over time to help balance sleep, anxiety, digestion and more.

After your initial consult you receive an email with the suggestions that can help bring balance. At this time I will blend the herbs you need, with a quick follow up we can go over and questions you may have and then your on your journey. Taking time to check in, and adjust the herbs when needed, or when things change.

Enjoy the journey! Enjoy the Herbs!

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