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Self Abhyanga; Step by Step:

*Before you begin, start by setting up your space, have your oil( organic sesame is recommended) an old towel for the floor(keep one and use for several days), and comfortable clothing( that you don't mind getting oil on), and a small heater,or turn the heat up in your bathroom during colder moths. This should, and can become part of a morning routine. 

1)  Begin by running some hot water over the bottle of oil to gently warm the oil, or place a bowl of oil in warm  water.

2)  Pour a tbsp of warm oil onto your scalp and vigorously massage in the oil.

​3)  Using your fingertips. massage the head and scalp area with small circular strokes, as if shampooing.

4)  Move to the face and ears, massaging more gently.

5)  Move into the neck area, using an open hand to create friction, massage both front and back of neck.

6)  Move into your shoulder area, using a circular motion at the shoulder and elbow, and a more vigorous back and forth motion on the upper arms and forearms.

7)  When massaging your chest and stomach, use a gentle circular  motion and a straight up and down motion on the breastbone and sides of torso.

8)  After applying a bit of oil on both hands gently reach around to the back and spine and massage them as well as you can without straining.

9)  Vigorously massage your legs as you did your arms, using circular motions at the ankles and knees, and forth motions on the long parts.

10) After massaging your legs, spend extra time on your feet. Using the open part of you hand, massage back and forth over the soles of the feet.

11) Keeping a thin, almost imperceptible film or layer of oil on the body is considered very beneficial for toning the skin and warming the muscles throughout the day.

* If going to take a shower, you should wait an average of 20 mins after your self-Abhyanga, this will allow the oils to soak in, if able only rinse off, do not use soap.

* Booking an Abhyanga at Metta Wellness is a perfect way to stay balanced, relaxed and connected to self.